Wellness USF

Wellness USF Marketing Assistant: August 2013 – May 2014 

“Wellness USF is the collaborative effort of six health and wellness related departments on campus that are focused on keeping you healthy now and long after USF. Together, we work to help you establish healthy routines, practice safety and self-care, be emotionally and physically well, and enjoy social connectedness. We do this through direct services, education, workshops, presentations and events that are enhanced by peer education groups and a Wellness Center located in the Marshall Student Center. ”

Fall 2013 work:
Some proprietary work could not be included.

Portfolio used for school credit through the School of Mass Communications

Spring 2014 work:
Some proprietary work could not be included.

P.A.S.S. Port to Wellness Campaign – P.A.S.S stands for Physical Activity for Student Success. The goal of the campaign was to encourage physical activity among students by highlighting various campus resources and locations. Students received stamps throughout the week on an official #USFPTW passport, one stamp for every event attended. Scheduled events are listed below. Students could also participate in activities of their choice to receive stamps, by sharing their success with the hashtag #USFPTW.
*All photos included were taken from public social media profiles

Monthly Reports


I contributed ‘Top Picks of the Week’ on the Wellness USF Blog from Sept. 2013 – April 2014


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