USF Panhellenic

USF Panhellenic Sorority Life Vice President of External Affairs, December 2011 – December 2012

  • Updated and edited the Visual Standards Guide for the USF Panhellenic Community. This document is based off of Alpha Chi Omega’s visual standard guide, and the original version of this document was created by the previous VP External. I had to revamp the guide as we finalized the correct colors, social media expectations and rebranding in accordance with adding a 9th sorority to the community.
  • Designed the 2012 Recruitment informational flyer. Around 1000 of these flyers were distributed to potential new members at USF, in various USF departments and local areas.
  • Designed the 2012 Recruitment informational postcard. This was a second set of flyers distributed, in a smaller size and to escalate brand awareness.
  • Executed the first annual perception survey for the USF Panhellenic community. An online survey was distributed digitally to USF Students who were asked to answer questions and give their perception on sorority life. These results were then distributed to the public relations chairs of each Panhellenic chapter. These women participated in an interactive PR workshop and focus group to discuss how each chapter is branded and represented, along with initiatives to grow.

  • Completed Year 1 initiatives of USF Panhellenic’s 1-3-5 year plan. The executive board during the 2011-2012 firm was accountable for completing initiatives in the community’s strategic plan that runs from 2012-2017. Below is my documentation for completing the goals in line with the Vice President of External Affairs.
  • Completed, executed and implemented a 365 marketing plan. The following 365 plan is what I created and successfully put in to action throughout my term on the Panhellenic executive board.
  • Planned and hosted an informational session on sorority life and philanthropy with Panhellenic Marketing Team. I oversaw a team of 17 women that made up the marketing team. Programs surrounded our 3 core values of
    Grow, Unite, Inspire”. Events included several USF Bullmarket’s, the one shown we are asking passerby’s, “What do you want to do when you grow up? (GROW) Who and/or what inspires you (INSPIRE)? What makes you different (UNITE)? Also, for one of our PR/Informational sessions we decided to incorporate our philanthropy, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation which is a foundation by sorority women for sorority women to lift oppression and raise funds to send women to education.
    mt1 mt4mt2
  • Introducing the USF Panhellenic Blog. One of my most rewarding accomplishments was executing our Panhellenic Blog! I began by asking community members to share their “Ah-Ha! Moment” as a sorority woman, and I received very inspirational feedback.**Note –  blog is no longer in existence. Further leadership moved on to Tumblr.

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