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One Degree Away from Kevin Bacon

As seen on Her Campus USF 

If you’re reading this, that makes you two degrees away from Kevin Bacon! I had the pleasure of attending a private reception followed by a lecture with this philanthropic celebrity.


The University Lecture Series (ULS) has had a great run this school year with speakers such as Hill Harper, Nicholas Sparks, and Frank Warren to name a few. Well, for #USFWeek and the last lecture of the semester, ULS really brought home the bacon . . . with legendary Kevin Bacon (most recognizable from Footloose, Apollo 13, and the FOX TV series The Following, among others). Matthew Perry, or Chandler Bing from the past TV series Friends, was the original speaker who unfortunately had to take on another commitment. However, Kevin Bacon fans took over the Marshall Student Center ballroom and for a lecture that illustrated a passion for connectivity and doing good.

Bacon welcomed the audience in jeans and black leather jacket. At that moment, everyone in attendance became one degree away from Kevin Bacon. Bacon told the story of how the “6 Degrees From Kevin Bacon” fad started. He took us back to 1994, where he would ride subways and get tapped by teenagers saying, “ONE DEGREE . . .”I was just playing your game!” At first, Bacon was horrified by the game as he tried to have his career taken seriously. If you’re not familiar, the game is based on the concept where you can connect any two people on earth with six or fewer acquaintances. But that game turned into positive social change.


“The Footloose Foundation didn’t have the best ring”, Bacon told us, as he reflected on creating his organization. He expressed that being an actor can be such a self-centered thing to do, and that he wanted to make an impact beyond his creative work.
So for $3,500, he purchased SixDegrees.org and went from there. The website states that the organization is “social networking with a social conscience”. The idea is to connect celebrities with grassroot organizations around the world, whether through social media or celebrity “drop-ins”. To illustrate his cause, Bacon gave a surprise visit before his lecture to Give Day Tampa Bay and the Florida Next Foundation, who collaborate for a one-day online giving challenge to raise support for local nonprofits and grow philanthropy in the region. “We’re all connected, we’re riding this planet together”, said Bacon. He had us realize that before Twitter and Facebook, we were all still connected. While these social media tools can be said to separate us, they are in their own strange ways bringing us together.

ImageThe second half of his lecture was a question and answer session with Rich Scibtti from ULS. Of course, the session had to begin with mentioning Footloose. When asked if he thought it would be such a success, he joked about how he did not think it would be such a “dance movie” or how extensive the dances would be. Bacon would tell the director, “you can just turn the music on, I’ll dance.” A remake was made in 2011 with Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, and Bacon told us that his first thought was that he didn’t know it was time for the remake (this year marks 30 years since the original Footloose.
Bacon’s story of his journey to success continued, and we learned that he worked on and off as a waiter during his first years in New York. Soon, he landed the role of Chip Diller in the hilarious film Animal House with Saturday Night Live star of the time, John Belushi. Bacon revealed that with continuing as a waiter, he had to ask his boss could have the night off to attend the Animal House premier in Times Square (in which he arrived at via the subway system).

The evening concluded with a Q&A with lucky audience members who ran up to the microphones quick enough. There were true Kevin Bacon fans that shared their love for not as well-known films, such as Super, Beauty Shop, and even the animated film Balto. Through this closing session, we learned that the season finale to The Following is going to be bad a*** and that, not-so-spoiler alert: “some people will live and some won’t.”

Bacon also spoke of his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer, Phenomenon), and how their matching careers have made for a great relationship. For Bacon’s career, it is not about the size of the part or the size of the budget – he will do a major comic book film, or an indie film – though he does prefer dark roles and dark works. When asked about challenges, he said, “I’ve had some really tough times where I questioned everything, but I never questioned quitting.”

Audience members left the lecture inspired to check out SixDegrees.org and maybe re-watch Footloose, for we now understand the philanthropic and down-to-earth actor that is Kevin Bacon.


. . . And OH! The People You’ll Meet.

Here in New York there are a lot of places you can go that will inspire you. Even better, in my opinion, there are a lot of people who will inspire you. IMG_1579

As I am finishing my last weeks here, I think I have networked these past two weeks more than I ever have in my whole life. Between courage and events I gained an insane amount of insights from people doing great things! Here is some advice from them to me… to you.

The power of LinkedIn 

If you’re not on LinkedIn, get on LinkedIn (shameless plug, that leads to my profile). You can join groups filled with the individuals you need to be inspired and get and on the right track.

I personally have a strong passion for advancing the sorority experience. As a part of the National Panhellenic Conference group on LinkedIn, I did some searching and found the woman who is in a position of my interest, Jules. Jules is NPC’s Marketing and Events Manager and also oversees their social presence. I connected, messaged and landed an insightful 45 minute phone chat. I loved her quote, “I am the voice for 4 million women.”

Key advice from Jules: 

  • Non-profit experience in the communications world will give you lots of experience in to event planning
  • Great tools you should learn: InDesign, Excel (From what I’VE learned, you may think you’re a pro… but there is so much more)
  • And the best… “Whoever said not to put your sorority/fraternal experience on your resume is WRONG.”

IMG_1637I also guess I have good timing, because just a few days after this phone conversation I finally got to meet up with a friend and past client of my dad who works for… dun dun dun… LINKEDIN. Stephanie. Stephanie is one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met, and she is truly passionate about the benefits of LinkedIn and advancing in your career. She gave me some great advice and had me leaving very confident that I know what my passions are, and there are ways to really make that passion show!

Key advice from Stephanie: 

  • You get 100 characters for your title on LinkedIn. You’re whole feed may be students and interns – stick out and use 100 characters to really sell your title and your goal!
  • VIDEO profile. You may see these popping up in your feed, but LinkedIn suggests recording a video of yourself (not in pajamas) introducing yourself and your career goals.


IMG_1584On July 26-27 I attended the 2nd annual intercollegiate conference for Her Campus Media. I am part of the Her Campus USF team, we write articles on everything a collegiate at USF needs to know! You can check out our stuff, here.

This 2 day conference was full of speakers from various outlets such as Glamour, Cosmo, Seventeen and much MUCH more. Key speakers speakers were Josie Natori, Natori (And I got a bra fitting, leading to a free bra being sent to me!), Fran Hauser, ‎President, Digital — Style & Entertainment Group at Time Inc, Chandra Turner, Executive Editor — Parents Magazine, and Jason Wagenheim, VP/Publisher — Teen Vogue.

I also attended workshops on how to make my blog a powerhouse, how to make the perfect cover letter, entering a job in the PR/Marketing world and my favorite was on leadership and action steps by Levo League, a  thriving community of young professionals, mentors, and innovative companies taking Gen Y by storm. IMG_1618

LEVO LEAGUE STORY: Long story short, Jules (NPC..phone conversation..beginning of this blog) mentioned Levo to me. I had to go to their workshop because of this and I absolutely LOVED it. Within 5 minutes I get a message from Rachel from my sorority’s (AOII) HQ – who I’ve NETWORKED with in the past –  asking for contact info because AOII wants to get involved and also that the Co-Founder is an AOII. I soon met Amanda Pouchet, my awesome sister who is a part of this empowering organization. Full circle of networking.

Key Advice from #HerConference

  • When you go up, you can come down – Josie Natori, Natori Company
  • Mistakes are GOOD, if you can’t take risks you can’t move forward – Josie Natori
  • Want a job in PR or marketing? In your interview make sure you can showcase that you know how we know what we know (AKA you know what makes you buy Froot Loops over Cheerios. Show that.)
  • Don’t let perfection get in the way of better – Freyan, Levo League
  • See positive. Think positive. Be positive. – Levo League
  • Build & your courage will follow – Jenny Blake, Author/ Life After College
  • Who doesn’t love gadgets that make your life easier? – Nikki Nash, Marketing, Intel
  • Tomorrow, they’ll be hyped on something else. – Chandra Turner, Parents
  • BLOGS ARE QUALITY > QUANTITY, How to make your blog a powerhouse
  • Everything Jason Wagenheim, VP/Publisher Teen Vogue said…

Picture 6The Intern Icing on the Cake. #InternQueenParty

Last but not least, on Tuesday I attended an Intern Queen Party with Lauren Berger.This networking event took place at an Ann Taylor and had a panel of speakers from CBS, Mashable, USWeekly, SiriusXM, Ogilvy and more. I learned so many great things – like do not send your resume at 3 a.m., key times are 7-9 a.m. or 4-6 p.m.


Overall, I’ve had such a rewarding intern experience and overall experience in this city. I am looking forward to my senior year. I recently got a marketing assistant position with one of my favorite (Okay definitely top favorite) USF departments …. WELLNESS USF!

I hope you got some good advice out of this post. There is a lot more where that all came from. Let’s chat 🙂 What is the most inspiring advice you have ever gotten?


IMG_1555I GOT A TOUR OF MASHABLE. Mashable is a news source for the connected generation… and I am as connected generation as it gets. One of the media connectors at my agency knows a lot of people in high places. His friend Chelsea Stark is the Games Reporter at Mashable and she gave us the grand tour. We learned so much about this awesome database. I learned that when pitching to media, applying for a position, anything, you need to research the company. And okay, that’s obvious but I mean yeah – USE THE OBVIOUS! For example, Mashable always uses large images, so if you have something you want to share with them, try 3 bullet points and a big image.

Also we met the Editorial Director, Matt Silverman who filled us in on their works with YouTube and how viewers won’t subscribe to a channel, but they will subscribe to a personality. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SERIES: 5 Facts We Learned on the Internet. You’re welcome.


Life is like a truck of ice cream

But really for me, it is. And a bunch of other awesome things!

I can believe that I have been in NYC for over a month now. I say this because I know how to take the subway (okay,  just the E and the 6, but HopStop is my best friend). Actually I say this because New York is so busy and crazy and full of adventures that it is easy to believe that time is flying by so fast.

Here are three things that I, a 21-year-old digital intern, have learned in this ice cream truck-esque life.

1. You will embrace variety 

We may all very well have our one favorite flavor we always choose. But, this world is so much better when we go above and beyond and try the new. I have had multiple experiences to play in the world of PR and communications – from a past internship, fraternal positions, etc. I used to be a stickler for the PR plan – the monthly list of how my organization will succeed 365. Image

If you’re into the digital world of PR, you understand that your plans are constantly thriving and expanding! I am so amazed with all that goes in to social. From content  development months ahead (one of my many learnings I will be bringing back), social media monitoring to the best of all- ENGAGEMENT!
Remember, Simon Sinek says that people don’t buy in to what you do they buy in to WHY you do it – and we do things because we care about our consumers, like reminding them that they are beautiful with glasses! As I scroll through the brands of my clients, and also the competitors, I truly see the value in every consumer comment and how much of an impact the social world has. If there is anything I have learned so far about PR and communications it is that appreciating diversity is key.I love my internship because I get to dive in to a variety of demographics. If you are in an internship or organizational position where you do not feel like you are embraced with variety, make a change! But, feel free to embrace your classic go-to choices as well.

For me, that choice is Campbell’s soup. Image

2. You will travel. 


Can you spot me in background? My hair is a clue.

I stumbled upon a graphic once that said, “traveling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer.” Or something along those lines, probably more eloquent than that, but it is so true. Even traveling to the next door over in your office, university or neighbor hood is a travel to me.

I have been a VERY lucky intern. I mentioned briefly in a past post that I got to travel to Boston. In Boston I assisted with the media launch for Good Humor’s Share the Love Summer Tour, where we had past pitcher for the Red Sox, Pedro Martinez help “share the love” and hand out ice cream to his fans and beyond! This trip was a fantastic learning experience for me, and I got to head out to multiple media outlets to give them ice cream.
In New York I continued the campaign with more media drop-offs. Also, here in New York I actually get excited when I get to do intern runs. But really if you need any thermal/ freezer bags of any size in this city, I know where you can find them.


Every person time I say “Hi, I’m Danielle!” to someone new, it is so rewarding, even if that person never remembers it.
For one of my local travels, I got to be a helping hand for our client VTech at a media event titled, the Holiday Gift Guide Show, at the Marriot Marquis. I know so much about VTech phones and became passionate about relaying that information to every media that walked by – from beauty bloggers to CNN to NY Daily News. P.S. They make a video door bell so you can see who is ringing the door by receiving a photo to your house phone. – GENIUS. I WANT ONE.

3. You. will. melt. 

But don’t let that stop you. I mean this in two ways. I have had my days here where I am loaded with tasks upon tasks, with monitoring and reporting and researching, but there is no need for a meltdown, just loving those PR storms!
For legitimate heat, you think I would be immune to heat and humidity being from Florida, but that is not the case. However, I am a pro at learning to embrace the sun and getting out there! I am very tempted to fry an egg on the concrete some days, and also tempted to just blast my AC and stay in bed, but no.
I’ve gotten to see some amazing places that soak up the sun and we soak up each other’s awesomeness (obligatory mean girls quotes may vary in my posts). Image For one example, I escaped my own burrow and headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see the ABSOLUT Open Canvas event – the streets turned in to an array of artwork that was highly appreciated and inspiring. My roommates and I then ventured off to the Smorgasburg Flee, which is every weekend! I managed to get a candy crunch center Good Humor (client) bar too, which I devoured prior to melting.
I love you New York, rain or shine. . . . and P.S. it is  always raining in the Museum of Modern Art RAIN ROOM! 5.5 hour wait is a common occurrence, but the 30 minute wait for the “view only” was a good start.



On a personal note – I hope that all of my American friends had a great independence day! My awesome supportive boyfriend, Matt, came to the city this past weekend to spend the holiday with me – we enjoyed Sangria at the Frying Pan followed by the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks! IMG_1179

Our time together can be summed up by broadway and sushi and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re in Chelsea, hit up Hana Sushi (GET THE LOBSTER ROLL) and/or Monster Sushi.
Kudos to us because we waited for 3 hours in the standing-room-only line for Book of Mormon. We succeeded with $27 dollar tickets to stand near the orchestra, and then scored nearby open seats after intermission. With all of this fun we had to take advantage of the $60 mezzanine Annie tickets that came our way. And yes, Jane Lynch is a perfect Miss Hannigan.
Also got to meet the NY side of his family, I am so appreciative for all in my life!

Be a Sponge


(client) Check out the make your own MAGNUM bar in Bryant Park this summer!

So this past week in NYC has been incredible (I’m sure this will continuously be the case), but really! I am learning so much at my internship and truly getting to see all that goes in to the insane world that is public relations.

I’ve just been so motivated, inspired, challenged and more and haven’t been able to find a way to word it. However, today at an IPG intern event, a speaker really nailed it for me. They encouraged all of us interns to

“Be a sponge”.

Really, soak up everything you can.

I am certainly a sponge. Every client I hear my team talk about I just want to learn more, and seeing our campaigns launch throughout the summer is so rewarding to be a part of.

I am in the digital department, and let me tell you, spending the days on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine . . . will never be the same. Did you do as I suggested and go “Like” your favorite brands on Facebook yet? Do it, they are watching.

Golin Girls!

Golin Girls!

Part of being a sponge is cleaning up messes (haven’t had any crises yet, but I am so ready), and not being afraid of what you are put up to. This week I got my first intern errand challenge – getting supplies for a client’s video shoot. I traveled all over for a specific product, and even a mini road trip to Jersey City for a needed piece to the puzzle.

So enjoy absolutely every opportunity AND CHALLENGE – another example being me getting an awesome grade on my basic marketing class after my building’s internet went out and I trekked quite a few blocks to a Panera – you come across, be a sponge. Be a really big sponge ready to get soaked with knowledge, and maybe a little worn out 🙂


Boating in central Park! My housing offers many adventures for us, and one of them was a free hour of boating in Central Park. This was quite the workout when I took my turn rowing the boat, but the scenery was so beautiful! Also, one of the girls who signed up is an AOII with me, I love wearing AOII shirts and finding these discoveries. Also, while rowing along, a boat of 4 girls hollered at me asking what sorority my shirt says, and it turns out they were 4 sisters, making 6 pandas out on that lake! IMG_0504

Always makes my day when sisterhood shines like that – making me even more satisfied with being a sponge and soaking up that opportunity!

Have a great week, sponges.

Aaaand… how can I forget that Darcie and I got fried Oreos in Times Square?


123 first week in NYC #internlife

Well I can officially say that I have survived my first week as an intern in NYC. I really am getting the best taste of living in NY – because this intern housing is most likely the most probable  I’ll ever find for less than 2000 a month. My flight was great – shout out to JETBLUE and I had wonderful service from the cab to my home.

My view every day and night!

My view every day and night!


You need friends in NYC. Really, you need friends everywhere. Or maybe it’s just me because I hate being anywhere by myself. I’m lucky that one of my good friends from back home is interning in the city as well, and is my suitemate! The first night here I pulled a college freshman move and excitedly went to the meet-and-greet for the housing. Found a girl that I knew way back in the day, and it was a great night of getting out with pizza and wine after that!

I love how much there is to offer here. I’ve got Paige, Andrea and Nevena who are interning over at a well-known cancer research center, and my two roomates who are at high fashion shoe companies.

Also, attending a NYC INTERN PARTY,


as official/non-official as it was, I met some awesome friends and we have a great NYC summer crew going on!

I love both my roommates and I truly thank my extroverted personality every day of my life. So, if you’re headed to college, an internship a new city – remember there is another person just like you waiting to be friended, so say hello.


Unfortunately a non-clever heading thanks to Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. My internship is wonderful! I admire all my coworkers and I am learning so much. I’m working in the digital department of the PR/Communications firm GolinHarris. I am getting hands-on experience with social presence and all that goes in to the management of brands with facebook, twitter, instagram and beyond (THERE IS SO MUCH) so please take the time to look up all of your favorite brands on Facebook and give them a “Like” and when you’re enjoying them tell them so with a tweet, because it means more than you think!


Also have my cousin here, who works at the PR firm above me, so thankful to join the IPG fam with her, I owe a lot of this experience to her.


10148_10151392509141364_410845620_nLiterally in that order. My roommate Darcie and I would love to think that we have the subway down like pros – and we do when we use our phone apps and once we are actually on the subway (or when I nice New Yorker let’s us know we are on the wrong train, thanks again sir).

I can say that I’ve successfully crossed these off the to-do list:

photo 12

. . . and getting casted for a reality TV show (normal).


The highlight of the week absolutely has to be celebrating Amanda’s 21st birthday! It’s so crazy that I celebrated her sweet 16, 18 and now 21. We had a wonderful dinner and night out on the town! I love meeting new friends and also so excited that my PR ladies from USF, Nikki and Ashley who are interning in the city helped celebrate too. Feeling young and wild and free.