Keeping Up

Well, can’t say “I didn’t blog for a whole year.”

Though, 10-11 months is obviously cutting it close.

It’s crazy to think how fast time really does fly. And I’m aware that today is a day for much larger reflection. #NeverForget.

I remember posting my lasts blog post, “23 Things I Realized at 23” and feeling so empowered, inspired, and ready to keep sharing thoughts.

Then the next month came around and I was filled with home travels, family adventures, and gearing up for the next year. “I can skip this month, it’s fine.” Well, I recently took a look at my blog and thought – “October 2015. Great. Next month is October 2016.”

Maybe the silver lining is that I was so wrapped up in saying yes to adventures, working on myself, and just straight up living that I didn’t pause to write it all out. It truly helps having an adventurous bestie – go get one if you’re not one (cc Alex).

Too long to read? There’s a slideshow of images below if that’s more your style.

I created this blog for professional reasons, and then it converted into my place to just vent it out. I always hope that anyone reading can relate. I’d like to find more balance. Shout out to Nikki Nash and her Personal Branding workshop at Society of Grownups for the motivation.

Promise to self: There will be additional posts after this . . . before October 2017 😉

I’m about to enter a quarter century of my life, I’m going on two years at my job (Manager life, what’s up!) and I celebrated my one year ‘single-aversary’ this summer, ha! Thought it would be nice to look back at the last 11 months.

Now, where were we . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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