Superpower: Forgiving Others (And Yourself)

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.07.01 PMI have been feeling so free and whole lately! This is because I have been focusing on the power of forgiveness. I’ve learned that when you carry anger towards those who hurt you or who let you down, they still hold something over you.

I have also come very far in (what’s more important than forgiving others) — forgiving myself. A smart resource told me that we have to forgive ourselves for how we act in certain situations. In the present, we do the best we can with what we know at the time. It’s easy to to sit and blame yourself when things don’t go as planned (you get dumped, you make a mistake at work, you lose an important document… whatever) and think “ugh if I had just done that ONE THING things would be different.” (Surprise!) thinking that way doesn’t change things. You’ll just hopefully be better next time. I haven’t had out-of-the-ordinary stress or anxiety in quite awhile and it’s done wonders for the way I live my life.

11258189_10152823781641364_2063924356444173974_oI’m also blessed to have such wonderful people by my side. My friends, family, and sisters mean the whole universe to me. I thank all of you for loving me for who I am (which is loud, crazy, random, and did I say…loud?)

My fabulous little came and visited me for 4th of july and we had such a great time! We walked A LOT and I gave her the grand tour of the various Boston areas. Watching her grow into the beautiful soul that she is has really inspired me. I love you little, and hope you see this!

Following that adventure, Her Campus recently hosted the 4th Annual Her Conference. Her Conference is an impactful 2-day event in NYC with keynotes, panels, and sponsor activations galore. Keynotes included:  Neha Gandhi – Vice President of Editorial Strategy at Refinery29, Michelle Tan – Editor in Chief of Seventeen, Lisa Arbetter – Editor of People StyleWatch, Terri McCullough – Director at The Full Participation Project, and Laura Brounstein, Special Projects Director at Cosmopolitan. It’s always eye opening to see how much Her Campus means to so many (extremely talented + driven) women. Engaging with our collegiettes solidifies how much Her Campus means to me.


I then booked a trip to NOLA because I knew I ironically would never forgive myself for missing it. It was a fabulous girls weekend with 4 of my favorite AOII sistas! We did it all – including a stellar performance of The Spice Girls – Wannabe at Cats Meow. I got to see my lifelong friend Kelcie and pretend like I’m not getting any older. The jokes and memories from the trip still have me cracking up with the biggest smile on my face. Advice: Grab some besties and go to #NOLA.

11794410_10152876523511364_3326876449962303410_oOverall I’m doing really well, because I’ve allowed myself to do well. I am taking control of my life and who is in it. I forgive myself for all the times I overreacted and overanalyzed. I forgive myself for making mistakes, and for never really 100% knowing what I’m doing.

P.S. I start improv tomorrow AND my best friend Alex moves to Boston in less than 2 weeks! You can guarantee there will be any more adventures coming out of the apartment with me, Alex, and Jordan.

What will I learn this month?



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