Trust the Person Who Controls Your Happiness

Trust the person who controls your happiness.

This is the person who has been there for the ups, the downs, and the insane. This is the person who despite all of your flaws, thinks you’re #flawless. And through all of your imperfections, knows you are perfect the way you are.

This is the person who takes your broken heart and forces you to fill the cracks with things + people that you love. This is the person who will never wake up one day and decide you’re not good enough. This person always finds the strength to admire the truth – that you’re more than enough. (And knows you’ll always have room for improvement).

This person knows that you’re worth it, even when you’re feeling worthless. 

Have you figured out who this person is?

It’s you.

I’m sure you have many people in your life who give you the above treatment, but ultimately YOU are in control of your own happiness. Isn’t that comforting? You decide if you’re happy or not!


Everglades with my parents #zen

60 days ago I wrote about “being your own champion.” Well a lot has happened to me in 60 days, and as a newly single 23-year-old in her first “real-world” summer, that was ironically put to the test. My world has recently flipped upside down and now I’m on the journey of learning how to enjoy the change of scenery. Sometimes shitty things happen to good people, and sometimes we get hurt by the people we thought would never hurt us. Sometimes we feel so worthless and unloveable. But those are just feelings, not the truth.

I want to thank all of my family, friends, and sisters who have always shown me true support and unconditional love. (Sisterhood is random Facetime’s late on a Saturday night to talk about life). I look forward to finding my true self and controlling my own happiness.

To start, here are things I’m really excited about (so you can hold me accountable to happiness!)

  • The fabulous apartment I’ll be living in come September with 2 amazing ladies! (Not to mention the presence of the wonderful summer roommate I have now + my past roomie!) *finally approved for an apartment*
  • My new MASS ID . . . even though handing in my FL one was rough
  • Being on the newly elected Boston AOII Alumnae Executive Board with Marisa!
  • My little visiting me in Boston for 4th of July!
  • The exciting opportunities ahead with Her Campus ❤
  • Starting improv classes in the fall (thanks cousin Gillian for the inspo!)
  • FITNESS GOALS. I’ve recently lost 8 pounds! It’s not about the number, though. It’s about spinning, barre, and feeling good!
  • Seeing my girl Carlie @ the TODDLERZBALL
  • And of course, the fact that #LOVEWINS

To being happy,


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