Having Champions & Being Your Own.

@ one of the happiest places last month!

This post is a reminder to those who are reading, and also to myself. A reminder to believe in how amazing you are, and how much potential you have. A reminder that you contribute greatness to this world.

And most importantly, a reminder to surround yourself with others who do the same. Sometimes we have to cut people out of our lives who are out to bring us down. More often, we have to respect (and thank!) those who are hard on us with good intentions — the ones who are really just trying to make us better & stronger.

I’ve recently been reminded how #blessed I am to be surrounded by such positive people who believe in me — these are my cheerleaders, my champions. Champions can be found in co-workers, clients, family members,  loved ones … you name it! I want you to think about who your champions are. These are the ones who see the world as a better place because you are in it, and who are truly proud of your accomplishments. They will also call you out when you’re overreacting, underperforming, or giving up (how many times must Matt remind me that “everything always works out”?)

The good news is that you should at least have one champion (though I’m sure you have more than you think!) . . . YOU can be your own champion.

I captured this beautiful bloom!

You can be your own champion by recognizing + using your strengths vs. drowning in sorrow over your weaknesses. I make a lot of mistakes, most of which are avoidable and teach me to work harder/smarter. Being a very positive person, I can usually see the light at the end of a tunnel. But trust me: I can also play out various worse-case-scenarios in my head, as I assume most of us do. I have learned that positive energy always brings positive results, TRUST me! And if things don’t go as planned? Reality check: Learning what to do – or not to do – next time is a positive result.

I have to refer to an article from my wonderful friend & co-worker, Liana: How to Make Mistakes, and Recover From Them, Like a #BOSS.” Please check that out, as I don’t think I can say any of this notion better!

Overall, let’s all be so awesome that people want to SOAK UP OUR AWESOMENESS!

P.S. I had a wonderful time last week watching my first Boston Marathon!! Nothing like being surrounded by people who are solely there to cheer others on.

“Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.”

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