5 Things that are Priceless in your 20s (and beyond)

Making $20s in your 20s (and beyond!) can be challenging. You can find an awesome job and make awesome money (and soak up your awesomeness…) but you have to prioritize. This month, I was fortunate to monitor a panel, with the catchy $20s-20s theme, at Her Campus’s High School Conference hosted by College CFO. This workshop was relevant for high school and beyond — I was reminded that a Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t a need but food and laundry are needs. Anyways, this reminder + being addicted to the app Mint = me stressing less about money, because I’m using it wisely. Is this growing up?

I’m a total foodie and eating out is an adventure for me, but it is time to cut back and continue to make my own meals. Uber & Lyft are amazing, but so is my monthly T pass. Note: Safety is a need — I always choose Uber or Lyft if I’m alone at night/not sure where I’m going!

Well, February was 28 days of realizing things that are forever priceless.

10313579_10151976162376364_154216224817876083_n1. Your Education 

This month I will be making my 4th (of many) student loan payments. While this chunk of cash is painful to let go of each month, I am not upset. My education is something I am so thankful for, and I owe every day for the rest of my life to it. Sorority dues included, since going Greek was among my best decisions in college. I also accepted a volunteer position with Circle of Sisterhood this month! I will be serving as a Campus Relationship Manager, to do my part in raising funds + awareness toward lifting barriers to education.

2. Travel

I’m sure you’ve seen/heard the quote, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Well, this is very true. Matt and I have big travel goals, and I’m going to stop letting airplane prices frighten me. Okay, they forever will — so I recommend planning ahead. I have to think like this: A $400 round trip is equal to about 13 nights of eating out at sushi restaurants. P.S. We’re going to Orlando next week and I am PUMPED to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom (because reliving your childhood is also priceless.)

10981364_10152547275331364_3201629738359971505_o3. Your Career

This should be common sense, since your career will give you money! Go and chase your dream job. If you need more student loans for grad school, if you need to move across the country, if you need to make tough changes, do it. I am so thankful that Matt gave me the extra encouragement to move out of Florida and accept my dream job. Moving to Boston definitely came with extra finances, but big picture: This move has been priceless. #GoPatriots

4. Family + Friends + Loved Ones

To follow #3, I now have to seriously budget going home. Funny how going to college in Tampa, I thought a three hour drive (maybe $80 in gas total) was too much. Now, it would be a miracle to fly home + back for $80. I know that I will be spending hundreds of dollars to see my family + friends over the years, but one day that will be time I’ll be thankful to have had. Can’t wait to see my family in Orlando! P.S. Matt and I splurged on heading to the New England Aquarium for Valentine’s Day, which was so much better than an expensive steak dinner.

parksandrec-treatyourself5. Treating Yo’ Self

Okay this may be ironic, but treating yourself is priceless. For example: This month I spent over $90 at a trip to LUSH. But you know what? I deserve everything I bought. I have to give a plug to this combo: Volcano Foot Mask + Stepping Stone + Fair Trade Foot Lotion. You’re welcome. Then, take a shower with Prince Charming 😉 . . . or Olive Branch . . . both are body washes. Despite my tendency to use sushi nights and Chipotle trips as currency, treating yourself is important. Don’t stare at your bank account while missing out on good times.

What else is priceless to you?



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