Transcendence; Beauty & Excellence

IMG_4392Do you remember coming home from elementary school, middle school, or even high-school and being asked, “What did you learn in school today?” I do. I would always say “nothing” or “idk, stuff.” Well recently I learned about “transcendence” in school.

In one of my classes, I read about the trait of transcendence in relation to leadership, which is defined as “appreciation of beauty and excellence.” That could not be more accurate for me. I reflected on that and realized how much passion I have for watching others grow or succeed, learning of something new, discovering new inspiration- and I really connected with this. I think that we all have beauty and excellence in our life, we just have to appreciate it more.


Since that reading, I notice more beauty and excellence in my life.

One significant moment was my sorority’s Area Founders’ Day celebration last Saturday. Every year, a local alumnae chapter hosts a founders’ day event since our actual founding date is January 2nd, when many are away for the holidays.

So I headed to Sarasota for my 2nd Area Founders’ Day. I was filled with joy when the question was asked, “Who here has been initiated for over 50 years? Please stand!” and at least 7 women stood up. I spoke with alumnae from my USF chapter and more, reminding us that our fraternal virtues remain with us always.

A founding sister from USF in 1985 came and visited the house later and she told us her memories and shared hilarious stories. She reminded me that while many things change, our ritual and love for AOII does not. This is just one example of beauty and excellence in my life, and I look forward to capturing more.


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