Back on the path, yeah.

SecretIf you understand the title of this post/ are that familiar with the “What Up with That?” skit on Saturday Night Live, we are most definitely friends forever.

If not, just understand that I am on the right path. I did not blog all through September and October, and I regret that, but that does not mean there have not been amazing moments!

I am learning so much and utilizing knowledge from my summer internship by working at Wellness USF about marketing positive behavioral change, and gaining so much passion from continuing my roles of both Community Manager and Vice President of Communications for my chapter, among other roles. USF Ambassadors has had me networking with prestigious alumni, and truly understanding what it means to be a Bull forever.

FamilyOver these past 2 months I have had my chapter grow with over 30 new members,  turned 22, and celebrated over 9 months already with a boyfriend who I am truly thankful for. It is so rewarding being among the oldest in my sorority, and I am so inspired by watching newer members grow, as I reflect on my experiences.

I realized that I may be getting overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish before I graduate. Going out with a final bang is the plan, but I must remember to focus on myself – considering on Friday I sign up for courses for the last time ever, YIKES.
Here are 3 personal goals that I will maintain:

1. Keep my room clean…
This is a reflection of my life. I have set aside close to donate and shoes to give away. I think a clean room is a happy room. (You’re welcome, mom!)

2. Read before bed.
Whether an inspiring blog or chapter from my Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Positive book. I love reading other blogs and articles. I love knowing about good news in the world.

3. Tame my strengths!
That sounds silly, but our strengths can be our weaknesses. My strength of being a “Maximizer” is great, as I am passionate about making things go from good to GREAT. I must remember that it is okay to keep things simple, and that projects, initiatives and ideas may not turn out the way you plan – but every small win counts.


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