Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

IMG_1283I have 18 days left in New York, so it is time to really make the most of it (although, I feel like I most certainly have been doing so). I am trying to explore as much as I can so when a friend tells me they are going to NY I can say, “OH, You have to try this, and go here!”. Because I am just SO LOCAL. 

New York is really big, although it does not seem so on a U.S. map. I’ve learned that when an opportunity comes up, and your friends are on board to do something – just do it. I’ve pushed myself away from thinking “Eh, I’m tired” or “I don’t want to go out.” NO, I do and I have and it is awesome… and also there have been advisories.

Here are some places that showed me a great time.


Bronx Zoo: I am really thankful to have been staying with Educational Housing Services. This housing gets amazing deals on broadway shows, popular attractions and more. Last weekend I headed over to the Bronx Zoo (Singing Jenny From The Block) in my head. I met other residents in my housing that I wish I met earlier! Plus, I just really really love zoos. And tigers.


The Stand: That same day I met 2 of my new favorite celebrities! Darcie, Emily and I have been hardcore watching MTV’s Girl Code. You need to be watching this. As we took advantage of social media to find out more about the cast members, we found out they are comedians here in NY. GREAT. $15 dollars later we were at a comedy show seeing @chrisdcomedy, and also got to meet @carlyaquilino! They are dating, and I am now very invested in their awesome relationship. We got to see the writer of Girl Code do her stand up, too! The waitresses and management are great, the comedians are great, the atmosphere is great. 5 STARS FROM ME.


Toshi’s Living Room: Okay, so when I looked this up on Yelp, I knew I would love it because the reviews mentioned the owners dog always being present. Any establishment that appreciates puppies is a win. My cousin encouraged me to bring out some friends as she was heading here with some of her coworkers. With a cover band and delicious drinks, I instantly became a fan. The crowd is older, maybe 22-40 range. Okay, that’s a huge ballpark but basically there are no 18/19 year olds with fakes!

Picture 1

Buttercup Bake Shop: I always have admired local bakeries! This shop is near where I am living, and I will miss it so much! So far I have had the carrot cake cupcake, devil dog and also the cookie cake; I want everything. The girls that work there are so friendly, and I’ve become keen on Instagramming their treats (getting me a free mini-cupcake, score!). No matter where you are, you need to follow @BUTTERCUPBAKESHOP on IG.


“On a personal note”, as Matt now likes to quote me… these past 2 weeks have been topped off by seeing Matilda the Musical, getting a visit from my high school friend, Joe, me completing my summer classes with flying colors, attending a NY USF Alumni event, celebrating my awesome roommate’s 21st at the Cellar at Bryant Park Hotel (also would reccommend!), traveling around NY again with the Good Humor Truck (client) AAAaaand delivering Popsicle‘s to the daily show, another delicious client.

Think I did enough these past 2 weeks? This summer has been such a blessing, but I am ready and excited to get back to USF for my senior year!

IMG_1260 IMG_1453IMG_1406IMG_1437


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