First Heard Friday

My friend Ashley knows how to make me more anxious about heading to NYC! I am now 8 crazy nights (jew pun intended) away from the city!

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Happy Friday, y’all. Time to get down to some more sweet tunes about NYC. Clearly, I’ve only got one thing on my mind.

First Heard Friday – 5/24

1. Moving To New York – The Wombats. When I think of New York, this is one of the first songs that pops up in my head. The Wombats are an awesome English band and you should listen to them.

2. Bulls In Brooklyn – The Academy Is… Right before I moved I was able to see William Beckett and was always a fan of The Academy Is… since I was in high school. Living in Brooklyn, I think this song is bad ass and quality lyrics.

3. Manhattan – Cat Power. One tiny reason I chose this song is because I’m having cat withdrawals. Besides that, this song is so soft and delicate, but also really powerful. I love each little…

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